Did you know that proper windshield installation is as important to your safety as seat belts, air bags, and anti-lock brakes? That's right! Today
auto glass is more than just a shield to protect the driver and occupants from the wind, weather, and debris. Now the windshield also keeps you
and your family from being thrown from the vehicle in case of a collision and adds to the structural strength of the vehicle as a whole. Proper
auto glass installation is the key to your safety. There is a right way and a wrong way to install auto glass. Auto glass installation requires a
strong, yet flexible adhesive to bond the glass to the vehicle glass frame. This adhesive must have a great strength to withstand the pressures
put on it in the event of a collision. The most widely used adhesive is called “automotive grade urethane.”

At GAB it is our goal to make sure that your windshield is installed correctly. We have an in-house Certified Technician who has received his
certification from the National Glass Association. Every piece of replacement glass must meet regulations set by the Department Of Trans-
portation. We use the best grade of urethane and every windshield is set in to position by two technicians in a clean, environmentally controlled
area. This procedure will insure that a quality replacement windshield has been installed with no chance of a water leak. We believe that all
glass replacements should be installed inside a clean environmentally controlled area. That is why we do not have mobile installation service.

At GAB we can expedite your insurance claim and bill your insurance company direct. Just bring your insurance card and vehicle along with
the date of loss to our facility and we will handle it from there.