Who we are.

Greenville Auto Body is the largest and most successful auto body repair facility in the area. We are a premium
quality repair center designed and built with the express purpose of providing high-quality, cost-effective body
repairs and painting to you, our valuable customer. Our courteous staff is committed to providing the best
possible experience for you while delivering superior service and on-time repairs.

A new facility with old fashion craftsmanship. At GAB each technician performs all repairs and painting to each
repair job he is assigned. He takes your vehicle from the start to the finished product. We avoid operating in an
assembly line method where several technicians perform different portions of the repairs and one technician
applies the paint and different technician reassembles the parts. We take pride in being called the name of
“Combo Men” who can perform a combination of skilled repairs and painting. You can rest assured that a true
craftsman will perform all the repairs and painting on your vehicle.

Modern facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, craftsmen who care, factory-matched paint, and our satisfaction
guarantee, all add up to happy customers. Let the experts here at Greenville Autobody help to provide you with
satisfaction and peace of mind.

Our Facility.

We operate out of a 120 foot wide by 180 foot long environment-friendly "super building". The entire facility is
heated with 3 propane fired boilers that circulate hot water through 3 miles of tubing laid in the floor. The lights
utilize 480 volt, 3-phase electricity and are designed to imitate natural sunlight. The shop area boasts a vacuum
system that connects to sanders to collect dust, as well as supply compressed air to pneumatic tools. The paint
booths are equipped with a 1.5 million btu furnace that raises temperatures in the booth to 140 degrees in 20
seconds. We have 2 Ovalliner multi-directional frame repair machines with laser measuring systems for precise
before, during , and after repair measuring. And, a Rotary Lift, which contains a computer that displays the pick
up points on all vehicles. Its lifting capacity is 10,000 pounds. Plus, we pride ourselves as being eco-friendly
and recycle everything from recovered vehicle liquids to parts packaging .With this modern facility, standard
operations can be performed more efficiently and save you both time and money.